blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


Apparently LA bakeries only offer blue velvet cake that’s flavored with blueberry, which — sorry, lovers of blueberry flavoring — sounds pretty gross to me. I, however, am way cooler than real bakeries and was completely unopposed to using up some of the six packages of blue, yellow, and green food coloring (red previously depleted by red velvet cakes) when a coworker’s sister requested blue (good taste)  for her graduation.

dolloped with cream cheese frosting

I used this recipe, replacing the red food coloring with blue and adding a few drops of yellow to the frosting.  These were jaunty and adorable — particularly bearing in mind my spectacular cupcake strikeouts of years past.

decked out in their little hats — courtesy of my burgeoning Amazon Prime addiction

And just for kicks, here’s a (bad quality iPhone) photo of the blondie Oreo concoction of the weekend — Oreos baked between two layers of blondie batter, another for the books of stoner food this non-stoner can’t seem to stop making.  Also great for breakups, drunk BBQs, hangovers, and late-night foraging.  Happy summer!


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