chocolate-orange shortbread cookies - only at the BRAND NEW site!

Well, hey there, friends.  If Facebook hasn’t already told you, we (“I” just doesn’t sound right for some reason; I prefer to delude myself that I have a staff) over here at the WordPress branch of Any Afternoon have picked up and gone.  Don’t be too sad, though, because we’ve got fancier new digs now.  That’s right, Any Afternoon has its own corner of the Internets.  This little blog is now located at (specifically, here), along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff, and we’d appreciate it very much if you’d follow us there and update your RSS feeds.

So if you’d like to check out the newest chocolate-orange shortbread cookies or look through a few art galleries, I suggest you head on over.  Never fear – the new blog includes all of the old posts, with a few notable exceptions (which will still reside on this site, just in case).  Please give it a look-see, let me know what you think…and look out for the chocolate-peanut butter swirl brownies that I’ve got coming up.

Love and thanks,


a preview - coming soon


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